Ricky Gonzalez


From the beginning of my life, God had been grooming me to be His servant just by surrounding me with my father's early years of ministry. I grew up in the church, & I saw the impact a selfless brand of service had on the youth first-hand.


But truly, it wasn't until I was ministered to myself that He changed everything for me. 


In the greatest time of trial & adjustment in my life, I turned my face from God, only to discover Him calling & beckoning me back in a more real way than ever before.


It was a true encounter, & one that He worked in me over time as I became involved in my own ministry & began to write & make music in the footsteps of my Dad. God walked me to the realization that it had been & would always be my calling to serve His people, & that I wanted to make a real, authentic impact on the world with my art.


Now God is giving us the opportunity to touch people's hearts in a human way, & I couldn't be more excited to enter the doors that He opens

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