Our core value is to worship–using our every breath in whatever we do for God’s glory and purpose. We desire to equip people to live a life of worship, wherever they live, work, study, play or shop. Living in close relationship with God is an awesome and humbling privilege that we encourage at every opportunity. We seek to enhance that relationship by giving people an opportunity to praise God together and then sending them out to be God’s hands and feet the other 99% of the time.

In this point in time, we are looking for "Contract Artists." This entails artists that are looking for a part-time as musicians or back up vocals."Contract Artists" are expected to be flexible with traveling. 


Team Commitment and Expectations


We want worship to be simple. Accessible. Singing to God with a sincere heart does not have or need to be complex. With that being said there is a certain level of preparation, planning, and practice that goes into making each and every worship simple. Because of this, there is a certain level of commitment that is required when being a "Contract Artist." This commitment can take on many forms. Here are a few practical areas where level of commitment is most evident.

  1. Spiritual Preparation: Worship on a platform is the overflow of a lifestyle of worship and a heart that is well-cultivated throughout the week. Personal spiritual intimacy with Jesus is our FIRST priority. One hour on a Sunday morning is a mere .6% of a week. If the only time you “worship” is .6% of your week, something is wrong. How can we lead people where we haven’t gone ourselves

  2. Musical Preparation: Rehearsals are infinitely smoother when everyone has listened to, practiced with and memorized the scheduled music. Being prepared also means having any gear or equipment that you intend to use with you when performing. Unless otherwise instructed, you are expected to learn your parts exactly like the MP3, giving special attention to the tonal qualities of each instrument. For teamwork to happen effectively, we rely on you to play your part accordingly.

  3. Attitude: When ideas or suggestions are presented and received with a good attitude, the results are monumental for effective team building. If there are technical, musical or miscellaneous complications, keep attitudes positive and morale high. Be open to the constructive criticism of the Music Director or Band Leader. They are trying to pull out every bit of greatness in you they can find, so be patient and receptive of constructive feedback.

  4. Punctuality: Everyone’s time is valuable. It’s important that everyone be punctual for rehearsals so that we can use our limited time as efficiently as possible. Arriving early, especially if you play an instrument, is always a great idea. We are very serious about punctuality. Being on time is a respect issue.  Tardiness communicates a lack of respect for your colleagues, for our journey, and for the Lord. If an unexpected situation arises and you know you will be late, please communicate as quickly as possible with the band leader.

  5. Flexibility: The band leader always tries to give adequate notice of schedule or setlist changes. While it is not uncommon for these changes to take place, it is only done when necessary. It is recommended that you periodically check back with the band leader to view any potential changes.

  6. Social Media: We expect anyone involved with the band to be aware of their social media presence. If we want to lead people to Christ, we have to be conscious of what we post. It starts with us. We are the example. 

For any questions please reach

Ivan Castro


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