Jessica  Nicole


For most of my life, I lived in my head where my thoughts controlled my life. They dictated every thing I would do. It was consuming and I was lost in that. My identity was my thoughts; the negative ones and I would let them define me.


How did I come to know God? Well, He saved me from myself. He saved me from my own mind and the chaos it created without Him present. He saved me from making a mistake that would’ve costed me everything.So, He met me where I was at,  and pulled me out of the shadows into the light. In that moment of my life, (I must’ve been about 16) I had an encounter that forever changed me. 

I had an encounter with truth. I had an encounter with love. This encounter led me to pursue a life that would only glorify Him, in all ways! He used my love for music to guide me towards the light. 

Truth is, I fail everyday at following His guidance but He never ceases to meet me, to be with me. I encounter Him every, single day. I grow to to love Him more every, single day. My conversion is a daily one and through this ministry, I know He’s working. 

My hope is to be able to share all the goodness He has shown me and hope that in turn, someone else can feel the same way I did; to be able to love people fully and authentically and also connect with everyone through music.

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