Ivan Castro

Electric Guitar

A lot of what I do is geared towards encounters. I love meeting people & getting to know their stories, and I try to look for new ways to make chances for those moments. Because of that I'm really into knowing different cultures, even different languages or just how they work... Just knowing things! So if you ever need a "fun fact" guy, I got you. Fair warning though: get me started on guitar gear, exercise, or soccer and I'll definitely talk your ear off! I'm also a huge foodie & coffee nut (or should I say "bean"!).


Growing up I always wondered what got people on fire about Jesus and his love for us. It wasn't until I opened my heart to him, until I truly desired to know him, that I realized he was there all along, inviting me to this incredible love I never would've imagined... To this day he calls me to know this love and peace, to see it within me and in the people around me. To love and trust not just what he does but who he is.


I started playing music as a little kid, from piano to eventually taking up guitar as my second voice. I dig different styles from rock/blues to classical, jazz, really anything that inspires (and at times challenges!) me as a musician. It's a constant journey of growing in my way of saying thanks to God, through the notes I play wherever words might come short.

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