Daniel Luis


When I was younger I focused mostly on music and basketball. My plan was initially to play basketball on the professional level and secondary to that was music. From a very young age, as far as music is concerned,


I knew that I wanted to be a Music Producer. My parents started me in classical piano when I was in the third grade. Come high school, senior year, I got injured playing basketball so music became my main focus. From there I went on to study at Berklee College of Music post grade school.


I’ve been blessed to work on records which have been Grammy nominated, charted on the Billboards, and have received Gold and Platinum certified plaques, but, with all this I reached a point in my life where I felt it most important to make music for a bigger purpose.


I was raised in the faith but became much more involved after high school. I want to make sure that with all the music I produce, Christian and secular, that it always pushes a message of hope, positivity and kindness. Music that can make one feel good but also be real about real life experiences when it needs to be. 

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