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About: Band Members



Growing up, I had very different views on what I wanted to do as I got older. My focus was purely on sports, specifically baseball. Reaching my teenage years, I started to find a passion for music. My uncle started teaching me how to play the congas and as time went by, I started to pick up other Latin percussion instruments.

At the time it was something fun to do, but God had bigger plans for me. Looking back, I feel that the time I spent learning was for me to get ready to use them for Him. I didn't have my encounter with Christ until after coming back from college and also didn't have the community of friends that I do now. I always had this curiosity on why they were so joyful and how they were able to stay that way. I was able to experience that for myself and finally understood the joy I was seeing.

Through that encounter, I started learning how to play the drums. With God's grace and hours of endless practicing, I was able to learn faster than I expected. He's also helped me become a better leader and has given me the grace to guide others through my witness.

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